Star Trek III Review Mistakes or something

Star Trek III is a pretty good Star Trek movie. It’s an ambitious movie in that it follows up the wildly successful Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan, but it doesn’t try to repeat the same formula. Fantasy movies were popular in the early 1980s and Star Trek III can arguably be put in that genre. It deals with the metaphysical; Spock’s spirit living on within Dr. McCoy while his body is reborn on a artificial planet. Planet Genesis itself has jungles, frozen tundras and volcanic mountains within a few hours walk from each other. The movie essentially looks like Legend or the Never Ending Story. As anyone bothering to read about Star Trek III already knows, Leonard Nimoy directed it. Considering all the unique makeup, costumes, sets, special effects, locations, and on-set security precautions that went into creating this movie, it’s clear Nimoy did an amazing job pulling all those components together.

It’s a waste of time covering production history of this movie. Everything you’ll ever want to know is available elsewhere on the internet. Instead, the video above covers a mishmash of plot holes and random observations.

In a personal note, Star Trek III was the first Star Trek I ever saw. It was as a VHS rental in 1986. It was one of the most amazing things I’d ever seen. I’d seen some of TOS on reruns, but this movie gave many people their first glimpse of how expansive the Star Trek universe could be. At the time when I first watched this movie, I wasn’t aware of The Wrath of Khan or anything that happened in it. I went in Star Trek III cold, so when the Enterprise was returning to Space Dock, I figured she’d been out in space for 30 years and was only now returning home. The image of her damaged hull as onlookers watched her dock left a strong impression on me. It opened my mind to notions that all things begin and end. It sounds pretty simply, but to a 5 year old kid, it was pretty profound.

Anyway, even though I love the movie, I decided to have some fun with it so I made this video.

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