Update July 25th 2014

Just a quick update for all the spam bots out there, I’ve got a few new videos coming down the pipes. The main one is Star Trek Generations Therapy in about two weeks.

Besides Star Trek Generations Therapy, there will be a few random uploads like random pieces of film/TV show music. I’d also like to touch upon other mediums like video games. Franchises like Star Trek, Batman and Superman are one of the few IPs that have existed in video games since the 1970s, so that’s worth exploring. Blah, I hate type. Here’s a list of likely coming up videos:

• Star Trek Generations Therapy
• Random pieces of music (like the Star Trek IV punk song)
• Video game-related video
• A superhero Therapy
• Another USS Enterprise Therapy
• A horror movie

I’m aiming to have a new video every 10-14 days, so there shorter videos filling the space between the more substantial videos. Coolthankswhatever.

I also feel compelled to share some information about who I am, so here we go… If I had a waffle maker, I’d never use it. Ooh. We’re getting closer. Can you feel it?

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