What is Junkball Media?
Junkball Media focuses on detailed articles and videos on various nerdy sorts of things. There are plenty of sites and channels that cover the same material, but I’m usually not satisfied with the level of detail they go into, so I figured I’d start my own to really dive into the material. I gear the articles and videos for fans that care about the fine details and minutia of whatever the topic is.

Why is it called Junkball Media?
The name Junkball Media comes from the genre of baseball pitching style, the junk ball. In a nutshell, “good” pitchers can throw fast, put deceptive movement on the ball and can aim with pin-point precision. “Bad” pitchers needed to resort of any trick in the book to get by. These pitchers would doctor the baseball with any illegal substance they could sneak on the field under their caps, in their gloves or on their wrists. This included Bengay, snot, pine tar, etc. Their pitches weren’t particularly impressive, but they had irregular movement that was really unpredictable and tough to hit. That kind of sums up my approach to this site and channel.

Why is the video series called Therapy?
I’m really into all the topics I cover in each Therapy video. However, they aren’t solely reviews or mistakes videos. I try to cram in trivia, historical context and other random thoughts. So it’s sort of like personal Therapy making these videos since I’m trying to find a way to fit in all these disjointed ideas into a single video. Eh.. that’s the best explanation I have at the moment.

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